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   One-On-One Coaching  


     Have you found yourself at a crossroads with your health and wellness journey? Well, I am here to help you. I have designed one-on-one coaching to meet my client's weight loss aspirations and incorporate movement with enjoyable goal work to start a healthy lifestyle. So often, individuals say they can't do this alone, but why not have a health and wellness coach equipped to guide them to greatness? I want to help you with your health and wellness journey, jumpstart your healthy nutrition outlook, and collaborate to reinvent the best version of yourself. I've been able to help hundreds of individuals over the past 13 years. My sessions are one hour via Zoom to make them as comfortable as possible without leaving your home, and are entirely confidential. Through my interactions with clients, they developed a positive take on nutrition and exercise—changing their future to a new healthy lifestyle. 
     I use motivation, a great sense of humor, and real-life stories; change can be challenging, but it is my responsibility to make this journey worthwhile for you. Coaching is meeting the client where they are at. My course is far from insipid because inconsistent diets don't exist with me, just a permanent healthy lifestyle change. So give yourself the gift of a coach—your future of good health matters to me. If you sign up now, the first 30-minute consultation is FREE. The rest is an investment in your future.

Prices- 8 weeks, one hour per week, $520.00

           12 weeks, one hour per week $702.00 10% discount

           16 weeks, one hour per week $832.00 20% discount

  • Bronze Membership

    Group Coaching-Start Choosing Health HERE
    Valid for one week
    • One Time- Live Zoom Webinar
    • Times 7:00am - 8:00am CST
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