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A Little Tarnished Penny

This coin seemed a bit different from the others I have found so far along my journey of active, healthy people. Let's say this was a penny that has been around for a bit longer; it doesn't mean it's not just as valuable as the others. Well, heck, it might even be worth more. When you see someone that you know is near your age at a gym, you feel this connection for some odd reason. My gym is primarily people in their twenties, so we are the first pressed copper; well, maybe not that old. I will be 54 years young soon enough.

I introduced myself and could not wait to hear her story and give her a high five for all she did in her life and all she will continue to do. Stacey is this pennies name, and working out is her game; she doesn't play at the gym. She works hard. But, she owns it, her workouts at least. Stacey is a 52-year-old mom of a five-year-old daughter and exercises like it's her last super. I knew watching her training she had some profound knowledge of the gym, and I was right. She was a personal trainer. Stacey has been working out for over 20 years, and hell, it showed. Her body is lean, muscular, and strong.

Remember, this remarkable woman has a little girl who is five. I don't know if I could take care of a little one now full time in my life and do workouts six days a week. So tell this beautiful, authentic penny how she shines. The world needs more hard-working people like this so we can admire and learn from them. Follow her at Stacey Nelson on Facebook.

My next penny awaits; I'm off to find it.

Your Health Enthusiast

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