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My Million Dollar Penny

Have you ever seen something on the ground out of the corner of your eye, like maybe a twenty-dollar bill? You can't swoop down fast enough to grab it. It's as if you were stealing it, but you know it is there for the taking, no one around, so it's your "LUCKY DAY," as we would say. So you proceed to tell your mom, best friend, husband the list goes on all day as if you won a million dollars.

We get excited for any amount of money found, even my pennies, but I get excited when I look over my shoulder and see this. Anyone can pick up cash from the ground, but they can't walk on their hands for half of a football field like the girl I saw at my gym. Ari Rootberg is her name, and gymnastics is her game. When she finished that impressive feat, I began clapping and then introduced myself.

Unbeknownst to me, she was not only someone who worked out, but she had done gymnastics through high school. Ari is also a gymnastics coach at Vernon Hills Park District. Once again, another athlete that "SPARKLED & SHINED" she not a professional athlete but deserves props for all she does and all she will do to help younger children reach their dreams of becoming a gymnast.

What I wouldn't give to be able to do a handstand, let alone walk a football field on my hands. She is one cool gal, so look her up and give her a shout-out. Remember, just because we didn't become professional, as Ari's case gymnast, doesn't mean we have to stop doing what we love. Another Shiny Penny I could have walked over, but I stopped to pick it up and admire it. She was a million-dollar find.

Always Looking, Coach Kym

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