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Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Today I had an Epiphany. We never give props to people who live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out. These people are the few, the warriors that go to the gym daily. They make homemade healthy meals every single day. These people decided to wake up every day and live their healthiest lives. Yet, most of these warriors never get praised or congratulated as professional athletes. They, as Nike says, "JUST DO IT!'

People envy these types of health nuts, as they would call them but never say, WOW, you look great; you're pretty impressive with all those workouts you put in. So please don't be jealous of these warriors because they should inspire you to do better in your life. They should make you believe you can do it too; they should be your friends so you can learn from them.

So today, I made my mind that I would start speaking to HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE everywhere I go and tell them I noticed how they SPARKLE & SHINE for all their hard work.

They make it happen! My BLOG will be called "SHINY PENNIES." We look at a penny as good luck, small but mighty, just like these incredible people, and we find them in all sorts of places worldwide.

So my first shiny penny is a beautiful woman I have noticed in my gym since I began there. She fits the healthy lifestyle because she is in rain, snow, or shine at the gym. She has a ballerina-type appearance to her, graceful as a gazelle. Her workouts are intense; she looks like she knows her stuff in the gym. I had always wanted to say hello but did not want to interrupt her workout; that just seemed a bit rude. Today was different for me; I felt the pull to hear her story.

I introduced myself, so did she, and her name was Daria. I told her I was a Health and Wellness coach who noticed how dedicated she was to her workouts. I told her she SPARKLED & GLOWED in the gym and was doing beautiful exercises, basically cheering her on for all her hard work. She said she worked out five days a week and never missed a workout. She looked 22 but was a mere 34. Her husband referred to her as rare for her healthy lifestyle; she disagreed. So she began to look up the research to learn how many healthy people workout regularly and eat a healthy diet.

Interestingly enough, she found out that about 3% of people do that 365 days a year. Woza, right? Her husband said she was a UNICORN, and he was right!

Daria has a six-year-old little girl; she believes if I show her what is healthy, she will one day follow in my footsteps. Her Instagram name is Daria_Wonder Woman; I laughed and smiled because it was so fitting when I saw that. So let's Shout Out Daria and give her some PROPS for being one of the 3% who get it done daily. You are INSPIRING, girl!

Sure we can look at people and think, man, they look great, or how do they do it? Or we can approach them and introduce ourselves like the old days and give them a high five for all their hard work day after day with NO EXCUSES.

I wonder who or where I will find my next SHINY PENNY.

Coach Kym S.

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